Dear Santa: An early reminder for NEXT Christmas and your presents to Whitby…

Dear Santa, Once again we are very disappointed not to get the presents we asked you for – year after year after year.

For the last 17 years we have asked for a new footbridge from the East Pier to its Extension – but all we have seen are paper plans for a thinly disguised Banana Bridge, which we really, really do NOT want, Santa. It would just look wrong and very, very silly.

For many years we asked for proper repairs to both our Piers and we were glad to see you did start work – but only for a month, and then work stopped again. We would like PROPER repairs, please – not just like-for-like repairs of a previously botched job.

Several years ago you closed our purpose-built and VERY popular Tourist Information Centre at the Dock End. It was built by Yorkshire Water and funded by Europe as an educational centre – but you leased it out as a café for the next 18 years.

For 3 whole years we have asked for the Santa Annual Accounts, but the External Auditor has refused to sign them off – maybe next year??

For years we have asked for a proper dredger, as our ancient HMS Dredgenot is just not up to the job. Maybe that will be next year, too???

My friend Bridlington got ALL of the above presents over the past few years: A lovely new extension to its harbour, new moorings, a super new dredger AND a brand new purpose-built Tourist Information Centre! When can we have OUR harbour properly repaired, improved and fit for the future, please?

Your little friend,


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