Amazed by the SBC Councillor’s confidence that Whitby piers won’t collapse

I am amazed by Councillor Cockerill’s confidence that ‘The piers are not in imminent danger of collapse’ (Whitby Gazette 27 Oct 2017). He is either very brave or very foolish. I am sure that few people would bet on escaping extreme weather conditions. When will Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) tell us honestly what is going on? Has SBC got all the money needed to repair the piers, or not?

We now hear that North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has given SBC money for coastal defences, but how much of this will go to Scarborough town and how much to Whitby?

The SBC planning applications submitted for Whitby Pier repairs raises more questions about how this work will be carried out, particularly if materials are to be transported down our narrow streets. These questions need to be answered before planning permission is given by SBC.

As for money, the SBC website reports that Mazars (the External Auditors) ‘have been unable to issue an opinion on the SBC accounts or certify completion of the audit for 2016/17, as they have received a formal objection from a local elector over the income and expenditure in relation to activities in Whitby Harbour.’ We are also informed that ‘Scarborough Borough Council has taken legal advice. Why? And how much is all this costing us as taxpayers?

Is Scarborough Borough Council waiting until it is no longer their problem, when some form of devolution takes place?

It is about time that we had an open and honest discussion, at a public meeting,  about what is happening with Whitby Piers and Harbour.

J Stangoe, Whitby

[This Letter was published in the Whitby Gazette on 24 Nov 2017].

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