That was an interesting EGM of SBC

This morning’s Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) was live streamed on Youtube – but with an unexpected ending.

The meeting was called in response to the External Auditors decision that SBC should ask a judge to decide on the boundary of Whitby Harbour. ALL the SBC councillors were asked to vote to either accept or refuse his decision. This EGM had to be held within a time limit and SBC had delayed the meeting until just ONE day before the auditors deadline.

The single EGM motion was worded by SBC and was only about the income from the SBC car parks on Whitby Harbour land. However, two councillors proposed an amendment to include ALL the income from Whitby Harbour (and not just the car parks). This was eventually put to the vote and accepted as the ‘substantive motion’ and this replacement (and wider) motion was then being put to the vote, when suddenly…

…when suddenly the 39 minutes of live streaming just ended without any explanation – and we were all watching the BBC’s Sunday Service instead!

An Act of God perhaps? You may think that but we couldn’t possibly comment.

We were later informed (via a reliable local journalist) that the motion HAD been carried, with just one abstention.

We assume that SBC will publish the Minutes and the decision of this major EGM on their website in a few days…

Talking of an Act of God, there was some other excellent local news recently…

Watch this space!

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