Majority funding accepted by SBC in 2014

Funding for the repairs to Whitby Main Piers.

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) adopted the Whitby Coastal Strategy 2 in July 2012, in the full knowledge that the Whitby Piers project would not be eligible for 100% grant funding and that “SBC as the major beneficiary will be required to contribute £3.7m towards the design and construction of this first phase to allow the scheme to progress.”

SBC applied to the Environment Agency for a grant of £4.8m towards the cost of the remedial works to the Main Piers. The application stated that “SBC have now secured a contribution of £1,501k for the design and construction of the first phase of the scheme (Main Piers). SBC have also allocated an additional £2,209k for inflation, and to cover the risk contingency above the 50%ile level.”

Question 6: For what reason has the committed contribution of £1.5m not been included in the SBC budget since the grant of £4.8m was formally accepted in 2014?

As the Statutory Harbour Authority, SBC is required to comply with local harbour legislation. For Whitby Harbour that is the Whitby Urban District Council Act 1905, which required that all the monies generated by the Whitby Harbour undertaking be reserved exclusively for the maintenance and development of the harbour. Given the periodic requirement for extensive repairs to the Piers over the centuries, it appears ironic that SBC has not respected an Act of Parliament which was specifically designed to avoid any future funding crisis in respect of repairs to Whitby Harbour and to the Piers in particular.

Question 7: Why has SBC not complied with the requirements of the 1905 Act?

Question 8: Why does SBC consider that it can ignore its statutory duties?

Question 9: Would you please provide a detailed list of the income generated since 2012 from the car parks and all the other assets on Whitby Harbour land?

[Extract from the Open Letter sent by Fight4Whitby to The Leader of SBC on 3rd April 2017].


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