A step closer – but when will any work actually start?

Wow – a step closer to repairing Whitby Piers. Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has given itself Planning Permission to replace the bridge to the East Pier Extension – 17 years (yes, seventeen YEARS) after it failed! BUT – no money has yet been identified to fund it.

On the other hand, the draining, cleaning and refurbishment of Peasholm Park boating lake in Scarborough Town faces no such uncertainly. It appears to be a much higher priority.

I suspect that the recent inspection of Whitby Harbour by the Marine and Coastal Agency may have focussed on the Health and Safety aspects of Whitby’s missing link bridge. We in Whitby have been calling for its replacement for many, many years.

Any Planning Application can sit and gather dust for many a year, but it does seem to pass for what SBC calls ‘Action’. Meanwhile some future Mayor of Scarborough Borough can officially open the remodelled boating lake in Peasholm Park…

John Freeman
Market Place

This letter was also published in the Whitby gazette on Fri 26 Jan 2018

With thanks and acknowledgements to The Editor, Whitby Gazette, Whitby.

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