Pier wall mistake in new construction

“The appearance of the new wall next to the link bridge to the West Pier Extension has been criticised by a local councillor.

“The parapet wall was demolished and rebuilt as part of the first Phase of the Whitby Piers refurbishment project. However, contractors have made a mistake while building it, which left the wall looking orange.

“Councillor Mike Cockerill, SBC Cabinet’s portfolio holder for Major Projects, said: ‘I think the contractors realised that the colour wasn’t right. They tried to do something about it – and failed miserably. Quite frankly, when I visited the site, together with Mrs Dixon [SBC Legal Services], I was appalled at what I saw. The contractors have been left in no doubt as to my opinion on this issue. They are aware of my feelings and have openly agreed that it is just not good enough.’

“Councillor Cockerill also clarified that the contractors are now going to work to improve the visual aspect of the wall. Should they fail to rectify it, the wall might have to be demolished and reconstructed “again at the contractor’s own cost.

“Councillor Cockerill added: ‘People in Whitby are totally appalled by it and I totally support their views. Working with the contractors, we will ensure that the final appearance of the wall will be appropriate to the heritage of the Piers.’ ”

[With thanks and acknowledgements to the Editor of the Whitby Gazette, where this article was published on 18 January 2019].

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