Your BIG chance to influence the future of Whitby Harbour – and all the others, too

Your help and support for Fight4Whitby has helped to bring a Government review of Best Practice for all Local Authority ports and harbours in the UK. Give your views (link below) on how you would like to see our harbour managed in future:

Dear Supporters,

Fight4Whitby’s hard work, helped by your own considerable support, is now bearing fruit in many ways – including in high places!

  • Public awareness about the state of Whitby’s iconic Harbour been raised – and the pressure has been building on SBC
  • SBC has now submitted a planning application for the first phase of repair work on the piers – though they have still to find the £3.5M needed in addition to the Environment Agency grant of £4.8m awarded in 2013
  • Various central government agencies are now getting involved
  • The External Auditor is refusing to sign-off Scarborough Borough Council’s Annual Accounts for 2016-17 and for the previous year (almost unheard of for any Local Authority) due to our questions raised about SBC’s allocation of the income from Whitby Harbour

AND best of all

  • The Department for Transport, who are ultimately responsible for all of England’s harbours, are now taking an interest. They want to know what we local stakeholders think about how the management of all Local Authority run harbours could be improved.

This is your chance:

Please tell the Department for Transport (an easy 2-page online form, link below) how you think their Draft Good Governance Guidelines could be improved and strengthened – so that even SBC (as the Strategic Harbour Authority) would have to follow Best Practice:

i.e. the open and transparent governance of Whitby Harbour by a Harbour Management Committee, selected on merit, and accountable to all stakeholders including the local community.

You might like to mention:

The Department for Transport’s Guidelines are excellent – but they are only recommendations. The DfT needs to have powers of enforcement, should a Local Authority choose not to implement Best Practice!

Please have your say at

Thank-you and please continue to donate to our funds!


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