Much-needed pier repairs taking far too long – 04 Oct 2017

Two cheers to Councillor Cockerill announcing that weight-bearing tests on Whitby piers are being undertaken prior to major repairs being carried out. Let’s not forget that these repairs have been urgent  since 2002, when an official report stated that the piers had a residual life of  less than 10 years.

But Councillor Cockerill states that quotations are in, but the funding is not. He has also suggested that £3.5 million could be raised from the 3 local authorities – including £1m from Whitby, to be paid for by the local ratepayers!

However, this is irrelevant because SS Dredgenot lies dead in Scarborough harbour, having done some damage to leisure craft  in its death throes. I assume this means the dredger will not be available to do its vital work in Whitby Harbour. I fear it might not be long before Whitby Harbour – a Harbour of Refuge – will be closed for business as it will be inaccessible, recent heavy rain has brought down a load of silt in the harbour. Does this mean that the lifeboat might also have to stand down, as it might not be able to get out of (or back into) the harbour, putting lives at serious risk?

Scarborough Borough Council is responsible for Whitby Harbour and its surroundings. They appear to ignore the fact that revenue from all the Whitby Harbour land should be ring-fenced for the maintenance of our piers and harbour infrastructure.

When will we have the truth about where Whitby Harbour revenue goes?

S Smith, Whitby

[This Letter was printed in the Whitby Gazette on Fri 29th Sept 2017].

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