Third response to FOI request re Dive Surveys on the extensions – 08 Sept 2017

Our third response from Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) also makes interesting reading:

F4W Request: In 2009 the Royal Haskoning Report says that Dive Surveys were conducted in 2008 on the two Whitby Pier Extensions. Please provide the Reports and their dates, of any Dive Surveys conducted on these two Pier Extensions since 2008.

SBC Response: The 2008 Dive Survey is a significant size document and cannot be sent by email. A copy of the Report can be downloaded within the next 7 days via the following link. Please note the link will expire after this time. [Link provided].

Fight4Whitby reaction: Well! Side-stepping or what? Please send the Dive Surveys SINCE 2008. Here is the Dive Survey FOR 2008!!

So Fight4Whitby emailed SBC: Thank-you for your response to FOI 5153. To clarify: Unless you advise to the contrary within 5 working days, I will assume that there have been no Dive Surveys on Whitby Pier Extensions SINCE the 2008 Dive Survey.

SBC Reply: Silence. Total silence. Utter and complete silence…

So we must all assume that there have been absolutely NO Dive Surveys over the past 9 years, so SBC, the ‘Strategic Harbour Authority’ for Whitby, has absolutely no idea of how much worse the underwater parts of the Extensions have become over all those years.

STOP PRESS: In late August 2017, just a few days after the F4W ‘Unless you advise to the contrary…’ email, SBC carried out a Dive Survey! It just happened to be the Friday of Whitby Regatta, perhaps an odd date to choose with so much harbour activity, but SBC carried out a Dive Survey. It just happens to be Fight4Whitby’s third FOI, and also included the ‘Unless you advise to the contrary… we must assume’ follow-up. So perhaps SBC is feeling the pressure or what?? Perhaps if they had just answered the 16 questions F4W asked in its Open Letter to the Leader of SBC in April 2017, we might not have had to make all these Freedom of Information requests. Perhaps we might even think that local government here is actually ‘open and transparent’?

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