Vote, vote, vote tomorrow and send SBC a message

Your vote tomorrow could make all the difference. Vote for John Freeman if you want to send Scarborough Borough Council a clear message about how dis-satisfied you feel.

John Freeman says: ‘As Chair of Whitby and District Tourism Association, 3 times Mayor of Whitby and co-founder of Fight4Whitby, I have tried my utmost to get SBC to see sense. My support includes former Mayors of Whitby and SBC, as well as Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem and Green Party members.

‘We cannot leave our borough to the machinations of SBC for another 5 years, while the Government negotiates Brexit.

‘We need to send a strong message to our MP and the Government that they cannot, must not, delay the reform of SBC any longer. Please use your vote to say “Enough is Enough!”

Promoted by Niall Carson on behalf of John Freeman, both of 9 Market Place, Whitby YO22 4DD

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