Thank-you to all our voters – but there is more to do!

A big thank-you to the many hundreds who voted for John Freeman at the General Election last Thursday. Predictably, the two big parties had well over 20,000 votes each, and not one of the 6 lesser candidates got more than 2,000 votes. We DID get lots of lovely publicity for Fight4Whitby, which was our main intention, and we came a very respectable 6th out of the 8 candidates.

Royal Mail distributed our 55,000 flyers free of charge to every address in the Scarborough and Whitby constituency, so now everyone in the area knows about the perilous state of Whitby Piers. But we did have to pay several hundred pounds for printing and advertising costs, so your donations to John Freeman will still be very welcome, please.

This is just one more stage in Fight4Whitby’s long battle with Scarborough Borough Council to get our crumbling piers properly maintained, before the catastrophe predicted in SBC’s own Reports comes true.

Promoted by Niall Carson for John Freeman, both of 9 Market Place, Whitby YO22 4DD

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