Fighting for Whitby

We are fighting for just five things:

All income from Whitby Harbour to be re-invested in the maintenance and improvement of Whitby’s neglected harbour and piers.

Urgent repairs and improvements to the piers, to safeguard 500 homes and businesses and much of the town against increased flood risks.

A lively, working, historic harbour that welcomes traditional fishing vessels.

Keeping open spaces around the harbour for traditional events and activities, and to help preserve the iconic views across the harbour, up to the Abbey and out to sea.

A prominent, centrally located Visitor Centre to celebrate the wonderful history and heritage of Whitby and the surrounding area.

We need to raise funds to pay for legal advice from specialist harbour lawyers. You can donate through collection boxes in many Whitby shops, or via this website, or at one of our 3 main collection points:

The Coliseum Centre, Victoria Place, Whitby
John Freeman Studio, 8 Market Place, Whitby
The Dispensary / Future Health Store, 25 Skinner Street, Whitby

For businesses, a donation to Fight 4 Whitby can be claimed as a ‘legitimate business expense’ for tax purposes and a Receipt can be obtained from our 3 main collection points.

Thank-you for helping us to Fight 4 Whitby.

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