First response to Freedom of Information Act requests – 8 Aug 2017

The first response from Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) to our questions about Whitby Harbour has been received. Our Open Letter with 16 questions about Whitby Harbour was sent to The Leader of SBC in April 2017, but no actual answers were received. (That Open Letter can be read in full at the top of this Latest News section).

Our first Freedom of Information Act (FOI) Request was: ‘SBC agreed with the Environment Agency that this work [to Whitby Piers] would start in April 2015. Please provide the Agenda and Minutes of the meeting which deferred that start date.’

SBC’s official FOI Act Response was: ‘The Council has searched its records and can confirm that we do not hold any agenda, minutes or other recorded information which deferred the start date.’

Oh. Clear as mud. Or is it?? We know that the work was delayed, but it seems that no decision to delay it was ever made – or at least, was ever recorded. Interesting.

Watch this space for the next FOI Requests and more insight into SBC’s style of ‘open and transparent local government’…


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