A New Year Resolution for you and one for us at Fight4Whitby

A good Resolution is always good for Whitby. It was the name of one of Captain Cook’s ships, but your New Year Resolution could be to help us protect Whitby Harbour. If you donate to Fight4Whitby, we will be able to continue challenging Scarborough Borough Council’s administration of Whitby Harbour.

We need to raise funds to pay for legal advice from specialist harbour lawyers. So far, thousands of you have donated well over £17,000 towards our £50,000 target. Donations are still needed and can be made via the collection tins in lots of Whitby shops, or by post or via this website. Just see our Donate page on this website for details.

Captain James Cook picked a Whitby-built ship for his 2nd great voyage of discovery. The Royal Navy bought it, converted it to his requirements and renamed it HMS Resolution. It became Captain Cook’s favourite ship and he used it again on his 3rd voyage.

Fight4Whitby wants to see all income from Whitby Harbour re-invested: In maintaining and improving our neglected harbour and piers. In urgent repairs and improvements to the piers to safeguard 500 homes and businesses from increased flood risks. In a lively, working, historic harbour that welcomes traditional fishing vessels. In keeping public open spaces around the harbour for traditional events, and in a prominent, centrally located Visitor Centre to celebrate the wonderful history and heritage of Whitby and area.

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