Income from Whitby Harbour

Income from the car parks on Whitby harbour land is not identified separately in the Scarborough Borough Council  published accounts.

The most recent budget figures show £958,020 Income for the Marina Car Parks in 2015/16 and the Surplus was £891,314. The figures for the year before (2014/15) are broadly similar.

We believe that SBC has been using much of the surplus income  from Whitby Harbour for its other purposes as a local authority.

This surplus income could have been used  towards the £3.7 million needed for the essential and urgent repairs to the Piers.

We are considering all legal options to ensure that Whitby Harbour is properly managed and maintained for the benefit of harbour users and the local community. Our legal team is currently in correspondence with SBC to give them the opportunity to clarify their position.

The Fight4Whitby campaign is fund-raising to cover the costs of that legal advice.

Please will you help by making a donation?

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