Piers webcam lets YOU see the storms for yourself

A webcam allows everyone to be a Storm Watcher and see for themselves the huge waves which can break over Whitby Piers. Last weekend was the perfect example, with another 2 days of strong winds sending massive waves to pound our neglected piers.

These winds were from the North East, blowing across the North Sea towards the Yorkshire coast. This ‘pushes’ the sea water towards our shores, in addition to any Low Pressure system which may be over us at the same time. The resulting Storm Surge can add another couple of meters to the predicted height of High Tide. Lucky for us, last weekend’s High Tide was ‘only’ a predicted height of 5.6 meters, so flooding could have been much worse.

The webcam is provided by Whitby Yacht Club and looks out to sea from above Whitby’s Lifeboat Museum. It is a live webcam and shows the Battery slipway, along the West Pier and across the harbour mouth. Just Google: Whitby Yacht Club (or Whitby Weather) and click Webcam to see for yourself. We are very grateful to both of these organisations for providing this (and lots more!) fascinating local information. Or try this link. 

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