New video on this website all about Whitby Harbour and SBC

A new video has been added to the Home Page of this Fight4Whitby website. ‘Talking to Scarborough Borough Council is like talking to that brick wall’ says John Freeman. There then follows a short tour of Whitby Harbour, looking at the crumbling piers, the recently added clutter and the problems for the boats.

Enjoy watching this ‘Walk of Shame’ around Whitby Harbour. See just how well Scarborough Borough Council has been caring for our wonderful town’s magnificent ‘water feature’. That is why John Freeman says ‘Enough is Enough – it is time to reform Scarborough Borough Council.’

The video is already on Twitter, with many ReTweets, so please share it as widely as possible.

Promoted by Niall Carson on behalf of John Freeman, both of 9 Market Place, Whitby YO22 4DD

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