‘Enough is Enough where Scarborough Borough Council is concerned’

Had enough? John Freeman says ‘I offer a Protest Vote to all those who are fed-up with the disgraceful way that SBC does not listen to local ratepayers’. That is why he is standing as an Independent candidate at the General Election this Thursday.

This Borough depends on Tourism, but Tourist Information Centres have been closed or downgraded. Public lavatories will close unless Town or Parish Councils pay for them themselves. Our streets and public places look run-down and neglected. Yet SBC spends on £ millions on grandiose projects like The Sands, the Open Air Theatre and the new Water Park – all in Scarborough town.

Whitby’s piers are essential sea defences. They protect our town from flooding and provide a safe Harbour of Refuge – but they are decaying and falling apart. SBC were warned in 2002 that our piers might only last another 10 years, but they say they cannot afford the repairs. The whole economy of Whitby is at risk of coastal flooding and devastation.

Please Share this story as widely as possible on Social Media – and remember to vote John Freeman, Independent this Thursday. Thank-you.

Promoted by Niall Carson on behalf of John Freeman, both of 9 Market Place, Whitby YO22 4DD.

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