What risks are facing the people of Whitby?

The risks facing the people of Whitby.  Both the main piers and the pier extensions are riddled with defects. However, information in reports compiled by Royal Haskoning provides an insight into the seriousness of the problems with the Piers:

Main Piers
The stone walls and the stone slab / concrete decking of the Main Piers depend for their support on sound, intact and well-consolidated stone fill material. Royal Haskoning advised that in 2008 there were 12,000 cubic meters of voids within the stone fill material of the Main Piers. Thus 10% of the total volume of the fill material was missing – and further loss is likely since 2008.

Pier Extensions
The solid concrete Pier Extensions are protected against scour, the creation of voids and the risk of collapse by sheet steel piling, backed with concrete. The Pier Extensions shield the seaward ends of the Main Piers from the full brunt of wave action. In 2008, 32% of the 680m of steel sheet piling around the Extensions was found to be extensively corroded, perforated and requiring replacement. Some 75m were replaced during the emergency works, leaving 21% still to be replaced – plus whatever further deterioration has taken place over the past 9 years. On-going monitoring of the condition of the Extensions is not an optional extra.

Perhaps, Cllr Bastiman, SBC should reflect on the possible dire consequences that these repeated delays and inaction pose for the people of Whitby: possible collapse / breach of the piers – risk to human life – increased flooding and erosion – endangering people’s livelihoods – damage to possibly 500 properties – closure of the harbour businesses – closure of the marina – damage to heritage sites – possible relocation of the lifeboat service – loss of a harbour of refuge – decline in tourism – damage to the environment – and the major loss of sand from the beach between Whitby and Sandsend into the harbour.

This letter contains 17 specific questions. We would very much appreciate a prompt reply giving 17 specific answers.

Even more so, the people of Whitby and our millions of visitors would appreciate some very prompt remedial action by SBC.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of Fight for Whitby

John Freeman.
c/o 9 Market Place
Whitby  YO22 4DD

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