‘Thanks for your votes’ says John Freeman

‘Thanks to everyone who cast their vote in my favour in the recent General Election’ says our local artist, John Freeman. He continues: ‘Locally and nationally the voting trend returned to the old two-party system. This made all the more significant, the fact that 680 people took the trouble to turn out and vote for me and the Fight4Whitby campaign.

‘I campaigned about a local issue and nothing much has changed on that front. We are still deeply concerned about the state of the Whitby Piers and Harbour. Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) were warned in 2002 and again in 2009 that major repairs were urgently needed. Despite a grant offer of £4.8m in 2012, the SBC Cabinet has repeatedly deferred the start of the program of work to restore the piers. They now propose to start work in 2019/20 – if they can find the rest of the money.

‘Over the years, Scarborough Borough Council has siphoned-off millions of pounds of income from the Whitby Harbour car parks into its central coffers. That money should have been reserved for the repair and improvement of Whitby Piers and Harbour.

‘The Fght4Whitby campaign has not gone away – and will not go away until Whitby Piers and Harbour receive proper care, attention and funding. I trust we will continue to receive your support until this battle is won.’

With thanks,

John Freeman, Whitby.

[This letter was also published in the Whitby Gazette on 23 June 2017]

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