Vote for candidates who will actually support Whitby.

This letter about candidates now standing for election was sent to Fight4Whitby and also published in the Whitby Gazette this month:

“The list of candidates for the imminent Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) elections has been published and it makes interesting reading. At a time when the general public are largely disenchanted with politics, both nationally and particularly locally, it is with some hope that we may get some new faces representing Whitby.

“New faces who are more interested in the well-being of Whitby and who have the will NOT to simply ‘rubber stamp’ the often misguided directions issued from the SBC Cabinet, but to challenge them.

“Recent history is littered with dubious SBC decisions which badly affect Whitby and indeed the whole borough, too numerous to list here. When looking at the candidates standing, I hope that tribal party politics can be put to aside for once, and the integrity of the individual and their ability to stand up to the SBC Cabinet edicts (often hatched behind closed doors) is a paramount consideration.

“Question your candidates about why the Auditors will not sign-off the SBC accounts for 3 years – and still running?

“Why the Whitby pier extensions are not included in the vital work on Whitby piers?

“What is being done to help alleviate the parking crisis facing the town this year, as we lose two major parking areas.

“Why is Whitby’s Park and Ride subsidising Scarborough’s Park and Ride?

“These, and many more, are the issues that have been allowed to develop in recent years. We, the electorate, now have a chance to challenge (via our representatives) some of the decisions issuing from the inner depths of the SBC Cabinet office.

So please forgo party politics for once, and look for those candidates who YOU think may at last stand up for Whitby and its future well-being.

Kind Regards John Freeman, Whitby.”

Please see Fight4Whitby for more details and how to donate to our legal costs. Thank-you.

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